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The Faculty of Consumer Sciences offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees to over 400 students.

The Faculty of Consumer Sciences will continue the sterling outreach work it started as a department. It responds to community ever changing needs and promotes inclusive socio-economic participation of all its human resources.

Faculty of Consumer Sciences

The Faculty currently has three Departments offering four Bachelor of Science degree programmes in Consumer Science, Consumer Science Education, Food Science, Nutrition and Technology, and Textiles, Apparel Design and Management. Moreover, three postgraduate programmes are offered at Master’s degree level: Consumer Science Education, Food Science and Technology, and Textiles with two options (Textile Science & Technology and Textile &
Apparel Design). In addition to teaching, the Faculty is involved in research and community services

The Faculty of choice in Consumer Sciences for sustainable development in Southern Africa 

Prof. W.K. Solomon

Ms. B. B. Dlamini

Faculty Administrator


Ms. G. Zikalala

Personal Secretary, Dean's Office


Ms. S. Moyo

Faculty Tutor

Ms. S.J. Ndlovu

Departmental Secretary

Heads of

All our instructors are experts in their fields of expertise and have vast experience in transferring their knowledge. We are committed to giving our students a foundation for their study of consumers, their consumption patterns and decision-making processes. We endeavor to help our students to use this knowledge to create new and enhanced ways to improve consumer experiences in a global economy.
If you're interested furthering your knowledge and skills in your field of interest, don't hesitate to come aboard. Talk to us about your research interests and we will connect you to your prospective supervisor.
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Consumer Sciences Education & Community Development

Head of Department

 Dr. D.C. Mabuza 

Field Attachment Coordinator

 S. Khumalo, Dip. H.E.,
B.Sc. H.E. (UNISWA), B.Sc. (Hons)
Nut & Food Sc., M.Sc. (UP)


  T.T. Mthombo, Dip. H.E., B.Sc.

Dip. HE.Ed (UNESWA), BSc. HE. Ed (UNESWA), MSc. ED-Home Economics Ed. (Central Luzon State University), PhD (UKZN)
Fields: Consumer Science Education, Curriculum Studies
Courses: CED203, CED204, CED303, CED410, CED602, CED607, CED604, CED607

Research Interests: Curriculum, Educational Technology, Testing and Evaluation 

Office: T3 Phone: +268 2517 0517

Dip.Ed (UZ), BED (UZ), MED (UZ), PhD
(University of Venda)

FieldsConsumer Science Education, Human Nutrition, Educational Administration and Curriculum Studies
Courses: CED212, CED307, CED408, CED601, CED603, CED605, CED606
Research Interests: Academic performance, Issues in Teacher training, Teaching and learning in schools, Diet /Dietary patterns, Indigenous foods.

Dip. H.E., BSc. H.E. (UNISWA). M.A. Hum. Ecol. (UWC)

Fields: Family Resources and Human Development

Courses: CED202, CED205, CED309, CED404, CED405, CED406
Research Interests: HIV/AIDS KAP of College Students



Fields: Consumer Science Education
Courses: CED 201, CED 407, CED 206, CED 204, CED 210, CED 410
Research Interests: Quality Education, Quality Assurance in Education, Curriculum Evaluation, Curriculum Innovation, Education for Sustainable Development, Educational Philosophy, Educational Psychology, Educational Psychology, Educational Sociology and Holistic Education.
Office: B9 Phone: +268 2517 0604 

B.Sc. in HE (UNISWA), M.Sc. in Public Health (UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH WALES)

Fields: Consumer Science Education
Courses:CED 101, CED 208, CED 210
Research Interests: Education for Sustainable Development, Community based participatory interventions to Improve food Security. Food Systems and Sustainability, Livelihood resilience and Its impact in rural communities
Phone: +268 76338900

B.Sc. (UNISWA), B. Sc. (Hons) (UP) & M.Sc. (UP)

Fields: Consumer Science Education, Community Development
Courses: CED 101, CED 104, CED 212, CED 208, CED 210, CED 403
Research Interests: Food Security, Sustainable Nutrition, Therapeutic diets (Antioxidants) 
Office: LB 01 (2) 

Food & Nutrition Sciences

Head of Department

 Dr. J. Shelembe – Lecturer

Teaching Assistant

 Ms. A. Mkhonta, B.Sc. Food Sc. (UNESWA), MSc in Public Health (Nutrition programme) –
(On Training Leave)


 Mr. M. Dlamini – Dip. H.E., B.Sc. F.S.N.T. (UNISWA)

Dip. Ed.(UNESWA), B.Sc. (UNISWA), M.Sc. (Ohio State), Ph.D. (UP)

Fields: Food Science
Courses: FNS102, FNS204, FNS205, FNS307, FNS303, FNS407, FNS408, FNS601, FNS 631, FNS636

Research Interests: Food phytochemicals and polysaccharrides

Office: U15  Phone: +268 2517 0534

BSc: Alemaya University of Agriculture; MSc: Wageningen Agricultural University; DEng: Asian Institute of Technology

Research Interests:Engineering properties of food materials, Rheology of solid and semisolid foods, Process modeling and optimization, product design and Development

Office: T5 Phone: +268 2517 0519

B.Sc. H.E. (UNISWA), M.Sc. Food Sc. (University of Florida), Ph.D. (University of Nottingham)

Fields: Food Microbiology, Food Safety, Food Quality Assurance and Control
Courses: FNS208, FNS212, FNS305, FNS311, FNS403, FNS405, FNS402
Research Interests: Antimicrobial studies, anti-proliferative studies, biochemical analysis, bioactivity of plants, food safety standards, public health
Office: A2 Phone: +268 25170638 

B.Sc. Food Science Nutrition & Technology (UNISWA), PGCE (UNISA), M.Sc. Nutritional Science (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Fields: Food science, Nutrition & Technology, Nutrition & Health
Courses:FNS 203, FNS205, FNS207, FNS209
Research Interests:Nutrition Education, Nutritional Epidemiology- non communicable diseases, Nutritional Biochemistry, Food Product Development, Food safety
Office: U14 Phone: +268 25170532 

Textiles & Apparel Design

Head of Department

 Dr. B.P. Makhanya – Senior Lecturer


 Ms. N. Gamedze-Maziya, Dip. H.E., B.Sc. TADM (UNISWA), M.Sc. Textile Science (NMU)


 Ms. D. Mngometulu, Dip, H.E. (UNISWA), B.Sc. (UNESWA)

Dip. H.E.Ed., B.Sc. H.E.Ed. (UNISWA), M. Cons. Sc. (North West), Ph.D. (UP)

Courses: TAD104, TAD212, TAD408, TAD409, FNS/CED/TAD401, TAD499
Research Interests: Apparel Sizing,  Apparel Fit Problems & Preferences, Body Cathexis, Apparel Design & Construction and Fashion Consumer Behavior.

Office: T9 Phone: +268 25170522 Cell: +268 76125475

Dip. H.E. (UBS), B.Sc. Dietetics (Michigan State); M.Sc. Clothing Textile & Merchandising (Oklahoma State), Ph.D. Textile & Consumer Sciences (Florida State)

: Textiles, Apparel Product Development, Quality Evaluation of Textile Products, Textile Quality Management
Courses: TAD207, TAD215; TAD212, TAD307, TAD303, TAD413, TAD603
Research Interests: Natural fibre, processing, apparel sizing & fit, sustainable textiles, natural dyes, nano-finishes
Office: T6 Cell: +268 76042111

B.Sc. (Moi University, Kenya), M.Sc. (Donghua University, China), PhD (Donghua University, China)

: Textile Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering
TAD411, TAD402, TAD410, TAD610, TAD608, TAD602, TAD605, TAD601
Research Interests: Textile dyeing and finishing with natural materials, Textile printing, Nano materials for textiles, Textiles and environment management.
Office: A2 

B.Sc. (Hons) Textile Technology
(NUST), M.Sc. Textile Engineering (DHU)

Fields: Textile Science and Engineering
Courses: TAD201, TAD217, TAD403, TAD405
Research Interests: Plasma surface modification, Nanotechnology, Membrane Technology, Textile Composite materials, Natural dyes
Office: B3 / T8
Phone: +268 25170521 / +268 2517 0510

Dip. H.E., B.Sc., H.E.E.(UNISWA), M.A. Consumer Science (UP)

Research Interests: 
Office:  Phone: 


About Us

The Faculty of Consumer Sciences offers a diverse yet integrated menu of scientific and technical courses to enable a better understanding of factors impacting consumers’ general well-being and in achieving an improved quality of life. 

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