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Faculty of Consumer Sciences

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Online Registration

Follow this link for quick access to your student portal. Ensure that you keep your PIN secure to avoid any inconvenience. If you have forgotten your PIN, click on REQUEST PIN and it will be delivered to your student email.

Registration Procedure

Online registration is opened. Keep your PIN safe, you will need it for every registration. If you have forgotten it, click REQUEST PIN, it will be emailed to you (check your student email). If you have challenges with online registration, you can follow the instructions given on the document available here.

Student emails

Follow this link for quick access to your student emails. Do not lose your password. Check regularly for updates, timetables, and to receive your forgotten registration PIN.


Kindly apply for exemptions as soon as you are registered for the semester. Write a letter addressed to the Director - Academic and submit a copy of the letter to the Faculty Tutor. You should collect your response letter from the Office of the Senior Assistant Registrar (L) as soon as it is ready and send copies to the Faculty Administrator and the Student Finance Office as soon as possible.

Results Portal

The Student Information System gives you access to your results. Ensure that you have settled your semester fees before results are released so that there are no delays in receiving your results. Results are only accessible through the Results portal.

Our Commitment to You

Should you require assistance from the Faculty of Consumer Sciences, the Dean's Secretary and Departmental Secretary are at your service.
The Faculty Tutor and Administrator offer assistance on Students' academic issues. Send your enquiry to / ⟶

Our Administrative

The Faculty Administrative Team - led by the Dean of the Faculty include the Faculty Tutor, the Faculty Administrator, the Dean's Secretary, and the Departmental Secretary.
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About Us

The Faculty of Consumer Sciences offers a diverse yet integrated menu of scientific and technical courses to enable a better understanding of factors impacting consumers’ general well-being and in achieving an improved quality of life. 

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