Registration Second Semester 2022/2023

Luyengo Campus REGISTRATION FOR SECOND SEMESTER 2022/2023 ACADEMIC STATUS Dear Student Knowing your academic status is particularly important. The are five possible academic statuses:  Proceed Unconditionally ( Passed all courses) Proceed conditionally (with some failed courses and GPA above 2.0) Proceed Conditionally with Academic Warning (with some fail courses and GPA less than 2.0 – …

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Beginning of Second Semester Academic Year 2022/2023

Take note of the following documents which you may need before registration and resuming classes for the new SEMESTER Luyengo Campus returning students Add and Drop Form / Change of Subjects Registration Form for Academic Warning Students Registration Form for Probation Students Registration Procedure Document Your Frequently Asked Questions Answered UNESWA Calendar Extract (2021/2022) Academic …

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