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Maximise Your Tech-tools

Queuing just to get assistance from the Faculty of Consumer Sciences should be outdated as we have transitioned into the technology era. Students get email addresses and access to the Moodle LMS as soon as they complete orientation in first year. The old normal was, 

  • “I only use my gmail”,
  • “I forgot the password because I hardly ever logged in”,
  • “I was assisted to register so I forgot my PIN”
  • The excuses go on and on…

The new normal is that students must remember their PINs, email and moodle passwords because the tech era is upon us. We must minimise queues as much as possible because tech tools are available to us for faster access to assistance.

Check the faculty website and your student emails frequently to stay updated. 

For any queries or questions regarding registration, submitting your add and drop forms, blocked PIN, communicate through email and you will get a response. Send an email to the Faculty Administrator or to consumersci@uniswa.sz

If you still have challenges with your Moodle LMS or email password – request assistance from the Cyber Zone – Luyengo Campus.

Forgot your registration PIN – click on “Request a PIN” on the registration portal and a PIN will be sent to your student email address, there is no need to travel for a PIN.


About Us

The Faculty of Consumer Sciences offers a diverse yet integrated menu of scientific and technical courses to enable a better understanding of factors impacting consumers’ general well-being and in achieving an improved quality of life. 

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